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Melbourne Osteopathy Group's first blog post

We are proud to introduce our little Blog to the world.

So far our Blog has been sleeping pretty well but gets a little cranky from time to time as little blogs tend to do. Not surprisingly it tends to crank up when it's hungry, tired, confused, and especially when the neighbours are playing 90's Classic Hits. It starts making high pitch sounds and won't look at you when you're trying to get its attention..... then suddenly realises that you're there. Are you there?

We will have little control over our Blog despite what people tell you (and you know how they love to tell you!). In fact we have no idea what's going to happen with this Blog but apparently if it starts to grow teeth we should be ready...... with tongs.

We hope you enjoy watching our little Blog grow...... slowly, unsteadily, carefully, gracefully, and unpredictably.

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