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Osteopathy for Babies


Melbourne Osteopathy Group


Osteopathy Clinic Fitzroy North


Osteopathy for Babies, Infants, and Children


"We aim for respectful and very gentle techniques that for Infants and Children -
NO manipulation/cracking techniques are used on infants or children in this clinic"


Dr. Anthony Dileo (Osteopath)



Osteopathy can be considered a more gentle approach to infants and children. Your osteopathic consultation will consist of a comprehensive past medical history for mum and baby/child which will assist in establishing the examination and treatment process.



Osteopathy may assist with the co-management of the following in (conjunction with your primary carer/general practitioner/maternal health nurse/paediatrician) :


  • Feeding complications (e.g. problems with latching/attachment and sucking)

  • Head shape changes/asymmetries

  • Difficulties in movement (e.g. may only easily move head to 1 side)

  • Limb or Joint movement problems (e.g. Torticollis)

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • For children and teenagers: Trauma, Postural, , Repetitive Strain, Sports Injuries, growth related  injuries (e.g. Osgood Schlatters)


Why take your child/ infant baby to an osteopath?

Osteopaths pride themselves on their understanding of structure and function through study of anatomy and physiology. They apply this knowledge to assess and treat infants and children through thorough history taking and examination.

Osteopathic Treatment of Infants and children

Osteopaths approach consultation and treatment of an infant as with any patient: treatment is based on the patient. A past medical history will be taken with mum which will include information about the pregnancy, birth and what happened after the birth. The osteopathic approach to infants and children is to be dynamic with how the child is on the day and look, listen and feel with the infant/child in their comfortable position (this may be on the treatment table, being held by the osteopath or the infant/child may stay with the parent).


A gentle approach to treatment is always applied to infants and children. An osteopath will look and feel for mild strains and stresses through palpation/feel of various tissues and aim to release them to restore structure and function. Osteopaths generally apply gentle soft tissue massage, myofascial technique, muscle energy technique and cranio-sacral therapy.




Dr. Anthony Dileo (Osteopath and Father) has undergone further study in paediatrics and osteopathic care of infants and children. 

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